The Founder's Plea

Why can't I order wine online?

In the Fall of 2016, with the idea of “modernizing” the state’s liquor laws, Oklahomans voted to drastically update the way alcohol is sold. The vote finally allows, in October 2018, Oklahomans to buy wine & ‘strong’ beer at grocery and cold beer at their favorite liquor store. This vote also changes the way alcohol is distributed. However, nothing changed regarding the most modern avenue of all, the internet.

For over a year we tried to wrap our brains around how we could make online wine, spirits, and beer sales legal in OK, it just seemed silly that it wasn’t. We traveled to other states to see how they were doing it. Then came back and asked industry folks and state officials, but everyone said it couldn’t be done. That’s the fork in the road. Do we say, “Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait until Walmart or Amazon come along and pay to have the laws changed, again.”? Or do we in Oklahoma figure something out now, something that works for other Oklahomans? Obviously, you know which path we took.

The Breakthrough and it's legal!

After scouring the state’s liquor laws (super fun) we discovered a possibility, it was narrow and tricky, but I’m saying there was a chance. After sitting down with four members of the ABLE Commission, a phone call with a State Senator, and a few tweaks to the business plan, we were given the green light…Bevio was born. What did we figure out that no one else had? Einstein said, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.” So, I’ll leave a little mystery, but basically Bevio does not sell alcohol. We sell Bevio Credit, partner with local licensed retailers where you can redeem the Bevio Credit, and make it so you can shop online for the retailer’s products. More of the details can be found on How It Works. We also added local restaurants & bars to offer unique Experiences and we’ll add a whole bunch more soon. We’ll also add cool new features and discoveries along the way.

And this is my plea…

Help us make Bevio better for Oklahoma. We’re launching with two retail partners, a handful of restaurants, and a curated selection of wine. We plan to add more of everything in the coming weeks and months. But I want to know what you think. Does the service of shopping online, pick it up in store while skipping the line and the aisles, provide value to you? Are the Experiences something you’d like to do on any given night? What would you like to see that we haven’t even thought of yet? We want to know. So, use Bevio, discover something great, and tell us what you think. Here’s to being modern.


Joe Breaux,
Founder & CEO