Experience the best of Tulsa

What is there to do in Tulsa?

I get into ruts. I unintentionally put on blinders, go to the same places and order the same things, rinse and repeat, over and over. I do this until I feel like there’s nothing to do in Tulsa, blind to all the amazing opportunities happening in our city. Bevio’s Experiences break me out of my rut by curating some of the coolest drinking & dining experiences at Tulsa’s best restaurants and bars.

Ever wanted to impress someone?

We’ve all seen the “big-shot” roll into a fancy restaurant, the server knows them by name and immediately brings out their “usual” drink. Bevio Experiences make big-shots out of all of us by working with Tulsa’s best restaurants and bars to create unique experiences hand-crafted just for you. Want to explore the world of wine with a friend? Check out one of the wine flights. Meeting someone for happy hour? Check out the wine and small bite pairings. Want a personalized, Sommelier curated wine dinner for you and the family? Bevio makes it happen, a Dining Experience just for you.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about wine or cooking?

Bevio is partnering with Chef Candace Conley’s ‘The Girl Can Cook!’ to provide unique Cooking and Wine Classes. Whether it’s learning how to make gnocchi (my favorite) or diving into the deep end of wine knowledge, Bevio has the perfect Experience for you.

Check out Bevio Experiences. Some are available any time, some are date specific. All are tax included.