How It Works

Search for your beverage of choice

Browse our Sommelier selected wines (spirits & beer coming soon) or search for your favorites.

Pick your location

Everything of Bevio comes from local businesses. Pick your favorite, the closest, or the cheapest. This is where you’ll pick up your order.

Buy through Bevio

Alcohol laws in OK are tricky. To be legal we sell Bevio Credit. Treat it like an online gift card that is redeemed at your chosen location for the wine, spirits, beer, and experiences your buy.

Round to $5

Speaking of tricky alcohol laws... The State says we have to sell Bevio Credit in predetermined increments to be legal. So, we set that at a convenient $5. Your cart automatically rounds to the right $5 amount.

Account Balance

When you buy, your account is credited to the appropriate $5. When you pick up, your account is debited the amount of your purchase. The remainder is kept in your Bevio Account ready for your next order.

Alcohol laws are a bit wonky and every state is different. With Oklahoma’s laws, there has been no legal way to shop for alcohol online and no easy way to find that special wine or your favorite craft spirit. Bevio solves those problems by working with local retail stores within the legal framework.

  • Go to on your home, office, or mobile device.
  • Search for your beverage of choice.
  • Pick your favorite store closest to you.
  • Order through Bevio1. No markups.
  • Your selection is ready for pick up at your selected store2.

Example Transaction

  • You buy three bottles of Fossil Point Pinot Noir for $55.96 through Bevio.
  • Your Bevio cart automatically rounds up to $60 (the next $5 increment).
  • Your Bevio Account is credited with $60 and your selected retail store is notified of your order.
  • Show your email receipt to the store during pick up.
  • Your account is debited $55.96 leaving you with a $4.04 balance in your Bevio Account.
  • You can use that on your next Bevio order.

1 Buying alcohol online in OK is a tricky science. We wish it were easier, but we’re working on it. To keep it legal we’re required to sell Bevio Credit, or “gift cards”, in predetermined denominations that are redeemable at multiple vendors. We set those amounts at convenient $5 increments. Your shopping cart automatically rounds up to the appropriate amount. When you click “Purchase” your account is credited. When you pick up, your account is debited. The remainder is kept in your Bevio Account Balance ready for your next purchase.

2 OK law requires that all alcohol transactions occur within the licensed retail store and prohibit the store from delivering (something Bevio is hoping to change). Orders through Bevio are paid for through your Bevio account at the time of pick up. Our partner retailers accept Bevio the same way they would Visa without the need for a plastic card. It’s convenient, it’s digital, it’s on your phone (or you can print it).